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Sidney Toga '24



He’s a runner he’s a pop starr!! Sidney Toga resides in the lovely town of Wayland, Massachusetts. From being an Econ major and running on the track to listening to indie pop bands like CAMINO and Quinn xcii, toga yoga is the most versatile person you’ll ever meet. He also sings a killer tenor. Did I mention he produces his own music?!?  Even though he has severe food allergies, Toga’s insane talent makes up for it. Stream his new single “Walk Myself Home” if you want a good cry.

Ana Fowler '24


Alto/ Vocal Percussion

Ana comes to us from the far off Westfield, New Jersey. When you see her fantastic dance moves on stage, you can attribute them to her absolutely phenomenal athletic ability on the Lacrosse field. Ana also has a killer sense of rhythm as she drops HEAT over the beatbox mic. One last thing, she can juggle for 7 seconds at most! We are so lucky to have you, Ana.

Prinnes Wilson '24

Prinnes is from the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada but has found himself on the opposite side of the country. His warm heart, passion for music, and beautiful tenor voice never fail to amaze us! Prinnes is also a triple threat. He sings, acts, and dances like a pro, and if you are so lucky, he may teach you some of the most popular TikTok dances! In addition to being a talented singer, Prinnes is majoring in psychology with a minor in theater. Prinnes is also a style icon! He always pulls up to rehearsals in the best fits making every outfit he wears a true powfit! Besides being a fashion icon, Prinnes’ kindness makes everyone feel included and we are so lucky to have him as a member of our family!

Community Liason


Molly Furman '24

Introducing the celestial Molly Furman. This is a name you will never forget. Molly has traveled long and far from Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, and we are so glad she made the journey to the Lew! Not only is Molly a killer student and former field hockey star, she has the voice of an angel. As soon as you hear her beautiful soprano you will fall in love with her just like we all have. Molly is majoring in sociology with a minor in earth and climate sciences. Molly’s positive mindset and warm personality always lighten the mood. Although Molly is a sweetheart, she is a JA at Rand, and she isn’t afraid to lay down the law (#girlboss). The Crosstones are so lucky to have Molly in the group.

Co-Music Director


Gabriela Ruberto '25

Gabby, originally from Arlington, Massachusetts, brings talent, kindness, and a warm presence to the Crosstones. With a voice as smooth as silk, Gabby is irreplaceable; she is a staple in the Tones’ vocal landscape, but her lockdown defense in the annual Crosstones vs. ManOps basketball game is where her hidden value lies. She famously brought tears to the eyes of the Optimists as a first year, protecting the basket like a newborn baby. Off the court, Gabby is a loyal friend and a gifted singer. The Crosstones are lucky to have her!


Josh Sherman '25

Josh “Bad Boy”  Sherman (or Bolt), hailing from Sexington Massachusetts, is a soup connoisseur, expert fist-bumper, junior olympic pool player, actor, bad boy for the Sexington Blue Socks, and massive baseball enthusiast. Josh is also known for his unique water smelling ability, his deep seductive singing voice, and the fact that he can remember the name of anyone he meets, including a Crosstone’s grandfather’s French friend. You can always find Josh riding his trusty scooter Rodney on his way to rehearsal. Josh also has the unique ability to consistently ask questions that no one in history has ever asked before. While Josh usually has a calm disposition, he is always willing to fight if someone tells him that it is easy to hit a baseball. Overall, Josh is a great guy and you should always look out for him grooving on stage.

Co-Music Director 

Bass/ Vocal Percussion

Owen Fox-Whelpton '25

Owen Fox-Whelpton hails all the way from Washington DC. As a tenor with his own album out, his vocals, guitar skills, and overall vibe curation are a staple in every rehearsal and jam sesh. Giving great back massages during rehearsals, he is our champion of comfort, often encouraging people to take their shoes off. His skills on the basketball court are a much valued addition to our group and his future as a dad coach is clear. 


Abby Hubbard '26


With the voice and appearance of a Disney princess, Abby never fails to bring a smile to the faces of those she comes across. Hailing close by from Falmouth, Maine, Abby's musical genius, relentless positivity, and smooth alto make her an invaluable addition to the Crosstones. When not in rehearsal, one can find Abby power-walking across campus balancing one to three Commons mugs. If you want to spot her easily, simply scan for her signature oversized green Carharrt jacket (thrifted on tour in Montreal!). Abby also holds the record for most all-nighters pulled by a Crosstone and is known to have made friends with the custodians who come across her between the hours of 3 to 6 am. A hoot and steadfast friend, Abby is impossible not to adore. We don't know what we'd do without her! 

Moriah Scharn '26


It's Moriah, not Mariah, and don’t you forget it. Standing as tall as an Amazonian, accompanied by an alto voice like butter, Mo is the perfect combination of sugar and spice. In the class of ‘26, hailing from Dunstable Mass, she brings her “Just Outside of Boston” charm onto the race track on the college’s Women's Track and Field. It has been said that Mo’s track skills come from her distant relation to road runner, indeed, Mo is a beast made for speed. If you're in need of a good laugh, or a slap in the face to compose yourself Moriah is your gal. She is an anchor in the Crosstones and without her, we would be lost. Just like Wonder Woman was to Hippolyta, Mo is a gift from the gods.

Grace Martin '27


Grace has a full rap sheet as far as musical ability is concerned. She has lived in many places including a commercial fishing boat in Alaska, 4 years on a sailboat in the Caribbean, and most recently, quiet Lyndonville, Vermont! Her contagious smile and soulful voice will have you smiling along with her in no time. Grace loves playing her mandolin, guitar, and bass to any fiddle tune you can think of. We are beyond grateful for Grace's charming personality and stunning vocals in our group and cannot wait to see what awaits for the rest of her Crosstones career! 


Other Members 

George Peacock '26

Reese Hillman '26 

Felix Danishmand '26

David Hermanson '27

Stephanie Charbonnier '27

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