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Olivia Demerath '23

Olivia Demerath seems impossibly kind until you realize she’s just Midwestern! From Saint Paul, Minnesota, she really is just that nice. An alto with a beautiful rasp, she makes the lanas and lordes of the world jealous.  Always down to lay on the floor at practice or laugh hysterically over absolutely nothing, Olivia is a true friend with the best heart (and for the record, hair) around. When she’s not lending her wonderful voice to the tones, she can often be found on the water with the sailing team. 

Brett Schmidt '23

Brett Schmidt hails from Dallas, Texas. A true western stud; he’s into swing dance. He’s into classical piano. He’s into rock climbing. He loves a good collared shirt. He’s in Crosstones. He’s a Unitarian Universalist. How much more versatile can you get? Brett is a newcomer to all things college and he approaches many things with a sense of childlike wonder. Brett is already proving himself to be a talented arranger and possesses a unique sinatra-esque charm in his rich, resonant lower register. We are stoked to have him in our little fam bam.

Sadie Basila '23

Sadie Basila comes to us from Albany, New York. With a powerful high voice, she can be found screaming Love on Top at a Crosstones party or belting in a musical (she’s an incredible actress too). A political aficionado, she’s always ready to radicalize you with a screening of the Disney Channel original movie Lemonade Mouth or talk about her love for Bernie Sanders with the next passerby. A multi-talented musician, she also plays the piano and can be found in an Olin practice room just about every day. A self-described academic legend, she plans to double major in politics and economics with a minor in Spanish. She’s likes to walk into rehearsal and tell people individually how much she loves them. One of the biggest Amy Winehouse fans to ever live, Sadie’s music taste almost rivals her vocal ability. A chaotic, hilarious, and loving person, we’re so excited to have her in the group.

Ilana Rosker '23

Our next tone is the amazing Ilana Rosker. Ilana reigns from the beautiful Lexington, Massachusetts. she is the sweety of the group, always available for a hug or a kind word. She is part of the infamous “between what we share” duo and is the freest spirit of them all. She’s committed to everything she does and does it with her amazing grace. You can always count on her to braid your hair or give you a massage. She’s the queen of riffs and her voice will absolutely blow you away. We’re so lucky to have ilana in our group. 

Emme Pike '23

Emme is a sweet, fun loving, musical, and strong girl hailing from Virginia Beach, Virginia. She amazes us all with her student-athlete lifestyle, and is either grinding out breast stroke in the pool with her team, on stage with the Crosstones using her beautiful voice or taking much needed chill nights after all of her activities. Emme is interested in potentially being a rhetoric major, and has been exploring classes in politics. Aside from her school life, Emme infuses her surroundings with a bubbly positivity that is infectious. She is ready to work hard to nail down a part, but also is the first to laugh at another Crosstone’s bad joke. We are so lucky to have her apart of our group, and can’t wait to see what other amazing solos, leadership, and absolute love she will bring in the next three years!

Sidney Toga '24

He’s a runner he’s a pop starr!! Sidney Toga resides in the lovely town of Wayland, Massachusetts. From being an Econ major and running on the track to listening to indie pop bands like CAMINO and Quinn xcii, toga yoga is the most versatile person you’ll ever meet. He also sings a killer tenor. Did I mention he produces his own music?!?  Even though he has severe food allergies, Toga’s insane talent makes up for it. Stream his new single “Walk Myself Home” if you want a good cry.

Ana Fowler '24

Ana comes to us from the far off Westfield, New Jersey. When you see her fantastic dance moves on stage, you can attribute them to her absolutely phenomenal athletic ability on the Lacrosse field. Ana also has a killer sense of rhythm as she drops HEAT over the beatbox mic. One last thing, she can juggle for 7 seconds at most! We are so lucky to have you, Ana.

Prinnes Wilson '24

Prinnes is from the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada but has found himself on the opposite side of the country. His warm heart, passion for music, and beautiful tenor voice never fail to amaze us! Prinnes is also a triple threat. He sings, acts, and dances like a pro, and if you are so lucky, he may teach you some of the most popular TikTok dances! In addition to being a talented singer, Prinnes is currently interested in majoring in math with a minor in theater. Prinnes is also a style icon! He always pulls up to rehearsals in the best fits making every outfit he wears a true powfit! Besides being a fashion icon, Prinnes’ kindness makes everyone feel included and we are so lucky to have him as a member of our family!

Criselda Mele '24

Criselda Mele is our little bundle of joy all the way from Los Angeles California(WESTSIDE!!). Alongside being a singing icon she also loves to draw and listen to music. She plans on being a psych major, which that choice alone shows how smart she is. Did I mention she was a singing icon?

Molly Furman '24

Introducing the celestial Molly Furman. This is a name you will never forget. Molly has traveled long and far from Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, and we are so glad she made the journey to the Lew! Not only is Molly a killer student and former field hockey star, she has the voice of an angel. As soon as you hear her beautiful soprano you will fall in love with her just like we all have. Molly is majoring in sociology with a minor in earth and climate sciences. Molly’s positive mindset and warm personality always lighten the mood. Although Molly is a sweetheart, she is a JA at Rand, and she isn’t afraid to lay down the law (#girlboss). The Crosstones are so lucky to have Molly in the group.

Gabriela Ruberto '25

Gabby, originally from Arlington, Massachusetts, brings talent, kindness, and a warm presence to the Crosstones. With a voice as smooth as silk, Gabby is irreplaceable; she is a staple in the Tones’ vocal landscape, but her lockdown defense in the annual Crosstones vs. ManOps basketball game is where her hidden value lies. She famously brought tears to the eyes of the Optimists as a first year, protecting the basket like a newborn baby. Off the court, Gabby is a loyal friend and a gifted singer. The Crosstones are lucky to have her!

Josh Sherman '25

Josh “Bad Boy”  Sherman (or Bolt), hailing from Sexington Massachusetts, is a soup connoisseur, expert fist-bumper, junior olympic pool player, actor, bad boy for the Sexington Blue Socks, and massive baseball enthusiast. Josh is also known for his unique water smelling ability, his deep seductive singing voice, and the fact that he can remember the name of anyone he meets, including a Crosstone’s grandfather’s French friend. You can always find Josh riding his trusty scooter Rodney on his way to rehearsal. Josh also has the unique ability to consistently ask questions that no one in history has ever asked before. While Josh usually has a calm disposition, he is always willing to fight if someone tells him that it is easy to hit a baseball. Overall, Josh is a great guy and you should always look out for him grooving on stage.

Owen Fox-Whelpton '25

Owen Fox-Whelpton hails all the way from Washington DC. As a tenor with his own album out, his vocals, guitar skills, and overall vibe curation are a staple in every rehearsal and jam sesh. Giving great back massages during rehearsals, he is our champion of comfort, often encouraging people to take their shoes off. His skills on the basketball court are a much valued addition to our group and his future as a dad coach is clear. 

Newest Members 

George Peacock '26

Moriah Scharn '26

Abby Hubbard '26

Thierno Barry '26 

Reese Hillman '26

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