Maddy Clark '20

Maddy Clark hails from (just outside of) D.C., and is one out of two who helps to carry on the tradition of the red headed duo. She is the dopest friend you'll ever have, she's always there to have a meaningful conversation, or just laugh about the littlest things. When she's not slaying the stage with her amazing voice, she enjoys being brutally honest and chilling with the Obamas. Maddy can be found cruising around campus on her consolation prize scooter or relaxing on Mount David. Meet Maddy, the girl who always has a smile for you, and can vibe with everyone.

Sam Findlen-Golden '20

In September, the Crosstones welcomed the only true angel to ever walk this earth: Sam “FG” Findlen-Golden. Sam I Am hails from a little town by the name of Amherst, Massachusetts, and although he’d never tell you himself, Sam’s got a dirty little secret: he’s a walking pitch pipe. Between his perfect pitch and his perfect heart, FG is the perfect addition to the bass section. An aspiring history major, his other hobbies include unapologetically dancing to Beyonce in the dining hall, occasionally wearing women’s leggings, laughing at your jokes, laughing at your mom’s jokes, laughing at your dad’s jokes, and laughing at things that aren’t even jokes at all! Sam is a beaming ray of sunshine, and you can always count on him for the goold-ol’ chuckle and hug. The Crosstones couldn’t be happier to have him.

Maya Chrobot '20

With the enthusiasm of a bubbly chipmunk and a voice that will make Adele cry, Maya "Crowbar" Chrobot is far from normal. She's always down for a good snuggle or a Nutella smothered treat. Hailing from the wee town of Kingston, NY, Maya's favorite activities include slaying life, breaking hearts, and having a little too much fun. Most importantly, Maya's a great friend, she's happy to have a lighthearted chat on the best of days or an intense heart-to-heart on the worst of days. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Maya, your best friend.

Joseph Ho '20

Joseph Ho, a.k.a. Joho, comes from a galaxy far, far away in a land called Hong Kong. His pure tenor voice rivals that of an angel, and we've heard that Frankie Valli once challenged him to a singing battle only to realize that he, a mere human, could not compete with a being made from pure magic. In his free time, Joho enjoys walks on the beach and hacking into major systems with the end result being a run in with the police (only one of those is true and we'll give you a hint; it's the hacking one). Although Joho has just come to American schools recently, he loves Bates and loves the Crosstones even more. <3 If you ever need someone to make you smile, Joho has you covered.

Drew Collins '20

Andrew Collins (Drew) brings the life and action from Piedmont, California. Being one the members also involved in the college's lacrosse team, he never fails to spark the energy through every rehearsal. As if he wasn't multi-talented enough, not only does he have a solid baritone voice, he also drops the sickest beats with his beatboxing. You will never miss him when he enters the room, carrying his lacrosse stick and a change of clothes, fresh outta practice and ready to kick start any slow running engines after a long day. Need that motivational conversation of the day? No worries! Drews' got your back! He's the most outgoing and cheerful guy you'll ever talk to. He really is the life energy behind the group.

Jahmari Josiah '20

Jahmari Josiah, or as his Siri calls him, Big Chocolate Thunder, hails from the Bronx, New York and blessed the Crosstones with his soul-rattling bass voice. His passions include firmly believing that pineapple belongs on pizza, sweatpants (he owns 1 pair for each day of the week), taking three naps a day, and his stuffed monkey Johnny Steve Bananas. His spirit animal is the tiger because when he fell asleep meditating, one came up to him in his dream and started talking to him. Jahmari, you and your random Michael Jackson interjections are an irreplaceable addition to the Crosstones. You go dude. 

Izzy Eichenbaum '21

Izzy (issues) Mary Eichenbaum hails from the best place in all of the United States, Sarasota, Florida. When she's not in the Crosstones, Izzy enjoys doing yoga, drinking coffee, looking at pictures of herself, and petting dogs. She also considers herself to be "super sick." Her biggest inspiration in the whole world is Hannada. Her biggest fear is spiders and her smallest fear is heights. When given the choice, "would you rather every time you sneeze, spaghetti come out from under your fingernails or every time you blink, a drop of milk trickles from your ear?" , she chose the spaghetti. She would also rather sing sharp than flat. For Izzy, the ideal number of toes on a dog is four. Speaking of dogs, she is very passionate that dogs should be able to attend Bates College. Izzy would like to thank Kachi and Clayton Spencer for all the support they have given her. 

Max Friedenwald-Fishman

Oh hey we didn’t see you there. we were just going over some basic and relevant facts about Max, a saucy young tenor from the wild western city of Portland. He was blessed at birth with the voice of Elton John, but would happily trade it in for that of Maddy Clark instead. This guy does it all: singing, skiing, swimming, surfing, juggling, cooking, making coffee, and cubing that rubik, but his greatest passion is telling people that he thinks rock skipping should be an Olympic sport. He also skips rocks, but for him it’s really more about the discourse. He carries similarly strong but distractingly contradictory opinions about thanksgiving, his favorite and least favorite holiday. Luckily, we don’t have to wait until that mixed bag of a day to say that we’re super thankful to have Max in The Crosstones.

Billy Grummer '21

The one true Billy Grummer, a wise and mysterious creature from Washington DC, has come to Bates as an aspiring music major. With the voice of Justin Timberlake, the dance moves of Michael Jackson, and the aesthetic of Brendan Urie, he is already establishing himself in the music industry (check out the EP!).  He was featured as a soloist as a freshman in the very first concert of the year, which shows what an asset he is to the group. He loves writing music, choreographing dances, spending late nights at the den, writing poetry, considering coconuts, and brushing his luscious locks in his free time. He identifies with his spirit animal, the cricket, and his spirit nut, the grape nut. Most importantly, he won't eat anything upisides-down. Billy is going places and we are so lucky that he stopped here on the way!

Kellie Allen '21

Kellie Mae Allen hails from the West-y-est of Chesters in New York. Although not new to music, Kellie is an Aca-virgin, but her lofty soprano voice is exactly what the Crosstones need. Kellie quite literally dances every single second of every day, meaning she keeps us up for very late night rehearsals. She enjoys sweatpants, leotards, and occasionally dressing up but still accessorizing with flip flops. She loves every single kind of dairy except milk, and her particular favorite in cheesecake. She is an avid shower singer, and is partial to high school musical one, and a hater of high school musical three for giving her unrealistic expectations for getting into Juilliard. She is bad at posing for snapchats, her spirit nut is a pistachio, and will trade her soul for chicken nuggets from commons. The Crosstones could not be happier to have her. 

Eben Cook  '22

Where does one begin to describe the dashing and talented young man called Eben Cook? I suppose the best place to start is that Eben hails from the lovely town of Wallingford, Connecticut. Eben is a man of many talents: he is excellent at shooting three pointers in basketball, he does not wear socks unless there are politicians faces on them, and he has extensive knowledge of The Office as he has watched the series five times. However, let us not forget about Eben’s heavenly voice. Not only can he sing but Eben is an INCREDIBLE rapper and beatboxer. If you don’t believe me, please go and check out his Soundcloud: If it hasn’t been made clear already, Eben is going to do great things someday and we are so happy to have this future rap god in our presence. 

Nana Baffoe '22

Oh Nana!! What’s his name?? Oh Nana!!?? Yes! That is his name:) This is the one and only, Nana from Ghana! Yo, it’s pronounced NAH-NA. He loves R&B/Soul and Hip-Hop and sings so beautifully that your knees will literally start shaking. Nana is fluent in both English and French! Yes the language of love, just like how he loves his pineapple on his pizza. Nah, Nana does not play with vanilla ice cream, but digs dark dark chocolate...Michael Jackson is his musical inspiration and Nana resembles his passion and fashion. With a laugh like no others, a dashing smile, and a dapper jawline, Nana has it all.

Clara Porter  '22

Clara might be petite but her soprano is grand and angelic. She comes to you all the way from
Portland, Oregon, which she insists is not as hipster as it's made it out to be in TV shows.
Coming from an all-girls high school, this is her first co-ed musical group and she couldn't bemore thrilled. When she is not belting out high notes in our group, she loves to paint, play the
violin, watch various anime shows and Cody Ko videos that cause her to reach maximum nic
levels, and demonstrate her extensive knowledge of Hobbs, New Mexico (her connection to
this fascinating city shall remain a secret). She also does a great Stitch impression, which is
equal parts awesome and frightening. This, among many other breathtaking qualities of hers,
may have been the reason why Patrick Dempsey left his wife for her??? Don’t take it personal,
Jillian Fink, it was only fate. Oh, and did we mention she’s a Capricorn? Though she thinks
astrology is hogwash, being a Capricorn could explain her passion for perfection in every
musical number. Rock on, Clara!

Michael Ratsimbazafy 
Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 9.26.32 PM.png

The human embodiment of an absolute stud, Mikey Simba joins our squad from Elizabeth, New Jersey. However, one might call him ~bicoastal~, as he technically hails from a boarding school out in California where Jahmari ’20 apparently rode horses. Mikey brings an athletic flavor to the group with his absolutely stellar — nay, brilliant — footwork on the soccer pitch. Seriously, the man can juggle the smallest of balls. Of course, we cannot overlook Mikey’s musical gene — one that we are oh so fortunate to have in the Crosstones. He adds a rich, resonant bass voice to the gang, but one might say that he’s a passionate tenor trapped in a bass’s body... or is he a true bass, as he can play a mean bass, especially if we’re talking Whiplash? Regardless, our hearts always skip a beat when that penny board rides around the corner.

Olivia Demerath 

Olivia Demerath seems impossibly kind until you realize she’s just Midwestern! From Saint Paul, Minnesota, she really is just that nice. An alto with a beautiful rasp, she makes the lanas and lordes of the world jealous.  Always down to lay on the floor at practice or laugh hysterically over absolutely nothing, Olivia is a true friend with the best heart (and for the record, hair) around. When she’s not lending her wonderful voice to the tones, she can often be found on the water with the sailing team. 

Brett Schmidt '23

Brett Schmidt hails from Dallas, Texas. A true western stud; he’s into swing dance. He’s into classical piano. He’s into rock climbing. He loves a good collared shirt. He’s in Crosstones. He’s a Unitarian Universalist. How much more versatile can you get? Brett is a newcomer to all things college and he approaches many things with a sense of childlike wonder. Brett is already proving himself to be a talented arranger and possesses a unique sinatra-esque charm in his rich, resonant lower register. We are stoked to have him in our little fam bam.

Sadie Basila '23

Sadie Basila comes to us from Albany, New York. With a powerful high voice, she can be found screaming Love on Top at a Crosstones party or belting in a musical (she’s an incredible actress too). A political aficionado, she’s always ready to radicalize you with a screening of the Disney Channel original movie Lemonade Mouth or talk about her love for Bernie Sanders with the next passerby. A multi-talented musician, she also plays the piano and can be found in an Olin practice room just about every day. A self-described academic legend, she plans to double major in politics and economics with a minor in Spanish. She’s likes to walk into rehearsal and tell people individually how much she loves them. One of the biggest Amy Winehouse fans to ever live, Sadie’s music taste almost rivals her vocal ability. A chaotic, hilarious, and loving person, we’re so excited to have her in the group.

Ilana Rosker '23

Our next baby tone is the amazing Ilana Rosker. Ilana reigns from the beautiful Lexington, Massachusetts. she is the sweety of the group, always available for a hug or a kind word. She is part of the infamous “between what we share” duo and is the freest spirit of them all. She’s committed to everything she does and does it with her amazing grace. You can always count on her to braid your hair or give you a massage. She’s the queen of riffs and her voice will absolutely blow you away. We’re so lucky to have ilana in our group. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 10.13.02
Emme Pike '23

Emme is a sweet, fun loving, musical, and strong girl hailing from Virginia Beach, Virginia. She amazes us all with her student-athlete lifestyle, and is either grinding out breast stroke in the pool with her team, on stage with the Crosstones using her beautiful voice or taking much needed chill nights after all of her activities. Emme is interested in potentially being a rhetoric major, and has been exploring classes in politics. Aside from her school life, Emme infuses her surroundings with a bubbly positivity that is infectious. She is ready to work hard to nail down a part, but also is the first to laugh at another Crosstone’s bad joke. We are so lucky to have her apart of our group, and can’t wait to see what other amazing solos, leadership, and absolute love she will bring in the next three years!